Application that allows electronic billing of medical professionals to health insurers. It is a transactional switch capable to "route" any transaction received from the various medical terminal networks to the appropriate authorization center to manage the transaction.

Its modular architecture allows you to manage a multitude of transactions:

  1. By Type of Center: Consultation, Laboratories, Hospitals
  2. By Type of Terminal: Mobile Phones, Internet Terminals, Telephony (IVR)
  3. By Type of Application: Billing, Diaries, Appointments, Documents, incidents and complaints...


  1. Give autonomy to the insurer against the network processors.
  2. You can decide that route transactions to your own authorization center or to the processing company.
  3. Facilitates connection terminal networks and channels, Internet terminal, mobile and PDA, IVR.
  4. No need for large investments, the service depends on usage.

B.U.P. - S.P.C.

Medical staff search engine to integrate into the website of the health insurer. Contrasted and fast system, which is used as a search engine on:

  • the health insurer website
  • mobile devices
  • call-center


  1. Share the cost of medical search engine with other insurers. Medical Search is a "commodity". The insurer has the best technical solution for making appointments at a lower cost (cost sharing).
  2. Available in three channels, and each with its own characteristics, with the priority rules in finding that the insurer sets for each channel (centers with different priorities or weights per channel). Integrated into the channel of the insurance portal. In the Call-Center with a specific page that helps to complete the necessary data quickly and manageable by the operator. On mobile devices reporting quickly and taking into consideration the patient's location.
  3. Can be connected to different medical agendas, including Tsh, etc.

Medical Agenda Tsh

Intended for medical consultation or small clinic that offers mobile services. Is a full agenda, which allows:

  1. Publish the scheduling empty hours on internet.
  2. Connect the agenda with different billing systems.
  3. It has different views, weekly, monthly, daily, in the waiting room.
  4. Provides daily reports of consultations.
  5. Patient management.
  6. Etc.

The system is supported by Hava-Soft in order to provide and operate a useful web to the doctor, to be financed through services and advertising.

Universal Terminal Tsh

Website that allows to connect to different billing systems, enabling medical professionals simply tapping the card, bring billing screen corresponding to the insurer of the card read.

The system is supported by Hava-Soft in order to provide and operate a useful portal to the doctor, to be financed through services and advertising.

Hospitals billing

A system that facilitates billing and billing control insurers. The hospitals send billing files in the format and with the hospital's own codes and Hava-Soft system translates the formats and codes to the system's own insurance company. It also maintains a system of notification of errors or correct invoices either by e-mail as a web page that the hospital can check to see the status of their billing records.